Phyramid is a holistic digital agency I co-founded with a friend. Versed in both programming and design, we build our products with passion, and can help build yours too.


MusicBar is a tool I made as part of my first year project which enables people to collaboratively compose music in the browser without any music theory knowledge.


A wildly successful Bitcoin and Litecoin-based gambling game based on the classic casino game King of the Hill. CryptoBounty has grossed over $2,000,000.


Purse is a modern web framework for PHP inspired by Sinatra. Its features include routes, MVC, Jade, Stylus and Grunt. Purse was initially developed for internal use at Phyramid.


Tastydir is a web-based file manager I enthusiastically developed at age 16. Originally sold on CodeCanyon, it's now open source, so feel free to check it out and contribute.


My dotfiles include vim and tmux configurations I've developed over the course of a few years. I really like this environment and maybe you will too.

romanian gov't state budget

I worked with the Romanian government to create a website detailing their budget in an easily accessible manner, in the spirit of the OpenSpending initiative.

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