Vlad-Ștefan Harbuz

Submodule GB01

In 2019, a friend and I teamed up to make a cart reader for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. Broadly speaking, he handled the hardware and I handled the software. Thus, the GB01 was born.

The GB01 allows you to download and upload ROMs and saves, to and from your original GB games. Most people use the GB01 to back up save files from the games of their childhood.

Another feature of the GB01 I had a lot of fun making is the Game Boy Camera support. You can connect your GB Camera, and download all the photos you've taken with it. I also wrote a feature that allows you to add filters to your photos, for a little bit of extra retro fun.

Many people used this feature to post pictures and home movies that they made using their GB Cameras to Instagram, which was really nice to see.

The GB01 is available for purchase on the Submodule website. We're not looking to get rich selling it, so we sell it for a bit more than it costs us to make and ship, so that we can make back the costs that we put into making it.