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Vlad-Stefan Harbuz

video.clumsy.computer is live!

As you may know, I create educational programming videos under the name clumsy computer where I show how to program everyday tools such as a regular expression engine from scratch without using any libraries.

So far, the videos have been hosted on YouTube. That’s fine, and virtually every single viewer has discovered the channel there. However, I (and others) have spoken about how it’s important for programmers to make sure their work is available without depending on ethically dubious companies such as Microsoft and Google. I don’t like knowing that the only reason my educational videos can be hosted for free is that the costs are subsidised by advertising revenue.

I’m therefore happy to announce video.clumsy.computer, which is a PeerTube instance hosted by me where all the educational videos I make will also be available from now on. Not only does this mean that all of my work will be hosted under my own terms, but PeerTube also supports ActivityPub, which means that all users of either another PeerTube or Mastodon instance can interact with everything hosted on the website. Confused by all the terms? It basically means this website is compatible with other people’s self-hosted social networks and video websites.

It feels a lot more cosy for clumsy computer to have its own home, and I also look forward to uploading any non-clumsy-computer videos I create in the future.

In line with this change, I’ve also moved the primary home of all of the code from GitHub to a sourcehut repository.

The eagle-eyed among you may notice that, while this is great, I haven’t actually been making many videos lately, since the last video was published more than a year ago. Perhaps you should be looking out for more news in the near future! :)

As I always say at the end of clumsy computer videos, see you soon and have fun programming!